What Are Socks and why do i need them also how do they help me? bins fullz

I recently requested to buy cvv fullz and the seller said that he has the fullz i wanted plus socks. I am new to this, anyways from my understanding socks has something to do with ip addresses and such, if i am not mistaken. Therefore, does it mean that if i buy…say cvv fullz from nevada i will also need socks from nevada. Also depending on the location of the cvv address…if i have these so called socks i can then use my VPN with ip address from nevada plus city in order for AVS to verify the transcation.

i dont know if i am correct so please provide some feedback explaining or correcting me where i am wrong. Also if they is any addtional infomation regarding confuguring these socks with my vpn please let me know.

thanks. bins fullz


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