Some secutiry question buy cc for carding free


sry for advance but im very new at this…
and i have read alot of ariticles and now i have some question…

let us asume that i have a «fake» cc and that i have withdraw 200$ to my fake paypal/mb or wm this is now not so important..
but how can i now withdraw the money from my fake acc to my real acc so that i can acualy smell the money that i have «earn»?? :D

is it save now just to send the money to my real pp acc and then to withdraw to my real cc ?? or is there a chance that pp will tell if someone ask where the money is gone??

or in other word’s when it is save to withdraw money to my real acc??

i now that every information have it’s on price…but can someone help and tell how are they doing it??
you don’t have to tell how you withdraw the money from the cc’s,but only how much fake acc must the money go that it can be save withdraw to my real acc?? buy cc for carding free


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