I process logs on Crypto | 2FA Auth Removal | Hacking Cold Wallets | Private requests fullz site

Hello everyone, if you are here, then you have logs and you want to earn money with me.

I will help you process your logs with maximum profit.

I do not work with banks, paypal, amazon, ebay etc., so if you have worked only banks or shops, I will help you process the crypto and your requests.

Profit 50/50

My main specialization is cryptocurrency (160+ requests)
I work with crypto-exchanges and remove 2fa confirmations from them.
The percentage of successful withdrawal of 2fa and the timing depends on the exchange itself, everywhere in different ways.
I will definitely check cold wallets (wallet.dat, Exodux and others.)
I take the mnemonics of the phrase from Trezor and Ledger and privately the keys to the coins.

After checking for a crypto, I check my private requests from which, too, is not a bad profit.


All other contacts are fake or do not work, so contact only the contacts below:

Telegram — @ foxbit02
Jabber — foxbit01@xmpp.jp​ fullz site


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