BTC=>Casino=>Cash paypal dumps

Доброй ночи форум )
Ещё одна перспективная темка в плане криптовалюты . Нет времени пробовать , но на первый взгляд , тема не лишена здравого смысла . Требуются вложения в размере 2 btc . Проверяйте .
Удачи всем )

To do this you need an initial investment of 2BTC.

1: Go to CЮДА and register an a REAL account for you.
2: Refill that account using 2 BTC.
3:When asked use REAL information of yourself.
4: Now register a second FAKE account using CC information (use tor!)
5: Refill fake account with CC information.
6: Now, using tor and you normal browser, play the 2 accounts against each other and
win on real account.
7:Do some real play to avoid suspicion on real account.
8:After couple of days withdraw your winnings.
9: You have 50% chance of being asked for ID when you withdraw, send it without
problem as you won this money legally ;) paypal dumps


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