Big problem with ssn/dob free credit card dump sites

i’m cashing out some stuff wich requires to make ID with specific fake information wich is SSN+DOB+NAME.
I’m buying this info from suppliers, but sometimes when my drops come in to cashout, officer said: «Your SSN is invalid» or simple that your ssn/dob doesn’t match name etc.

Maibye someone know, where i can verify SSN ? I mean i enter ssn+dob and it shows me its good or no, i’ve tried with bg reports, but they dont give chance to search by SSN with instantly results.

* Asking this because each ssn+dob wrong info, makes me burn 100$ for new ID making… and as im takin 10-20 i can burn even 1-2k usd per day wich is not good thing :) free credit card dump sites


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